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(Page Created: 07/07/2018 19:05 and last updated: 31/03/2022 13:00 )


Having in May 2018 received a generous donation of a telescope in fond memories of a grandfather who loved astronomy, we have decided to set up a page where we can begin to thank those who have donated equipment to our society. To them all, including those yet unlisted, we would like to express our thanks.

Such contributions enrich our meetings and outreach. Each extra item of equipment extends our range enabling attendees to try out a wide range of equipment so that they could make informed decisions on what to buy for themselves. SCASTRO members can, without charge, borrow equipment for further experience and projects.

Please forgive us if we have made any mistakes in backtracking or if we have made omissions; we would be grateful for any help that can be given to get the records right. It is also our intention to add thanks to those who have given other forms of donation.

May 2018

We would like to thank Sian, who in memory of her keen amateur astronomer grandfather, C.E. Haslam (1930 - 2005), has given us his Bresser Uranus 102 X1000mm refracting telescope with Super Polaris equatorial mount, R.A. axis drive, lenses and other accessories.

January 2015

Nigel Bird generously donated his barely used Konusmotor-500 Equatorial mounted Newtonian reflector telescope.

Oct 2010

In the foundation period (2006 - 2012), lead by William Stewart and Nigel Ball, they made a Solar Outreach Project proposal to STFC which resulted in a substantial grant. The grant was used for 3 phases of equipment purchases Oct 2010, Mar 2014, Oct 2014.

In the first phase a Lunt solarscope and accessories were purchased so that the primary objective of the project, to extend outreach observation to the daylight hours, could begin to be fulfilled. During the final 2 phases - a simple camera obscura based solarscope (providing a very interesting low cost alternative to contrast with the powerful Lunt instrument) was purchased together with more general supportive equipment. In the last phase we were allowed to buy a 'GoTo' Celestron - NexStar 6 SE Computerised Telescope, to extend the range of observational equipment for outreach, and for members to be able to try out a wide range of equipment so that they could make informed decisions on what to buy for themselves.

June 2009

About this time, according to our records, it is believed that Jim Rankin very kindly donated an 8" Skywatcher Dobsonian to the society and this became a great asset to us during our observing sessions. Tom McCallister oversaw the refurbishment of this telescope and included some customisation to improve its usability.


We have a 6" Dobsonian which, we think, was donated, by Colin Cook, some time between the birth of our society in 2006 and the reorganisation in 2012.