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(Page Updated: 30/03/2022 21:39 )


Until we feel that is safe, we are meeting only on-line and we are not charging admission fees (although we are grateful for voluptuary donations to enable us to pay operational costs).

Whilst we are operating in this mode everyone who attends our virtual meetings can perhaps be regarded as 'virtual' members.

When we get back to having real meetings we will return to the following procedure.

Membership Application (Suspended during Covid epidemic precautions)


Membership is annually renewable for our season beginning in September.

If you would like to become a member of SCASTRO, or were a member and wish to renew, and share in the benefits that membership brings, then click on : Membership Application Form,
then print the form, fill it in and follow the instructions.

Note those applying for membership extending from January for the 2nd half of the Season ending in September, can do so at roughly half price.

If you have any difficulties then please contact us. Contact details can be found by clicking on the Contact link near the top right hand of this page.