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Come and enjoy monthly talks given by experienced astronomers and leading research scientists, and learn about the latest developments and projects in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

We also hold monthly club meetings at which we view the stars, talk to each other, question, demonstrate, explain and present.

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Public Talk

Thursday 23rd Jan 2020

7:00pm for 7:30pm start

Please arrive soon after 7pm to book your place and pay entry or membership subscriptions.

Venue: Cheshire College - South & West
previously named South Cheshire College
(location and entry fee details)

Speaker: Dr Julie Wardlow - Lancaster University

Talk Title: “A hidden side to the Universe: unveiling distant starbursts”

Talk Illustration

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  • Backdrop: ESA Science & Technology - Artist's impression of starburst galaxy HFLS3
    The galaxy appears as little more than a faint, red smudge in images from ESA's Herschel space observatory, but appearances can be deceiving for it is making stars more than 2000 times faster than our own Milky Way, one of the highest star formation rates ever seen in any galaxy. Amazingly, it is seen at a time when the Universe was less than a billion years old, challenging galaxy evolution theories.