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Public Talk

Thursday 14th Feb 2019

7:00pm for 7:30pm start

Please arrive soon after 7pm to book your place and pay entry or membership subscriptions.


Venue: Cheshire College - South & West
previously named South Cheshire College
(location and entry fee details )

Speaker: Albert Zijlstra

- Professor of Astrophysics Manchester University

Talk Title: “Kathryn’s Wheel: Giving a loved one a galaxy”

Image illustrative of talk

Composite Image elements credits & extra Information related to the speaker's work and the talk (follow the links):

Main background from a talk related news article published on the web by Manchester University : ‘Kathryn’s wheel’ collision lights up galaxy;

Image of Prof Zijlstra cut out from : Albert Zijlstra's homepage;

Radio Telescope image from Twitter: @joderellbank


Presentation Slides

Prof Zijlstra has kindly allowed us to keep a copy of his presentation slides, for you to view online.

To access it click on the following link: Prof Albert Zijlstra slidesFebDec 2019 talk to SCASTRO.;
The presentation will be displayed by Microsoft's PowerPoint Online. For best viewing click on the 'Slide-Show' icon in the RH bottom corner of the display window.

During the course of the talk Prof Zijlstra played some videos of galaxy collisions simulations. These can be accessed on YouTube via the following links:

For presentation related detailed information follow the links in the pink box above.