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Public Talk

Thursday 15th Nov 2018

7:00pm for 7:30pm start

Please arrive soon after 7pm to book your place and pay entry or membership subscriptions.


Venue: Cheshire College - South & West
previously named South Cheshire College
(location and entry fee details )

Talk Title: The Light of Long Dead Stars:
What synchrotron radiation tells us about the history of galaxies

Image illustrative of talk

Crab Nebula images exampling synchrotron radiation at various wavelengths.
The illustration was extracted from pdf web document:
Page 8 of High Energy Spectroscopy by Darach Watson

At the annual JBCA Internal Symposium, November 2017
Dr Harper was awarded a prize for the best postdoc talk.

Further Information about tonight's speaker and his work, gathered by our SCASTRO Secretary/Talks Arranger, Mike Maunder:-

Stuart's research utilises radio telescopes for both cosmology and astrophysical emissions from the Galaxy. He is also helping to develop a new observational method known as intensity mapping, which is a technique for mapping out large swathes of the cosmic structure within the Universe in 3D using the emission lines from either atomic hydrogen or molecular carbon monoxide.

If you look up at the sky at night the pinpricks of light or the ethereal glow of the Milky Way all come from one source, stars (ignoring of course satellites, planets or street lights). However, if you were able to see the sky in the same way as a radio telescope you would see an altogether different picture. The light that you would see is not from stars burning today, but mostly from the remnants of long dead stars that had exploded millions of years ago.

In this talk Stuart will explore the physics of how what causes these ancient supernovae to glow with radio light, how they came to be and ultimately how they tie into the cosmic history of how the Milky Way formed.

Presentation Slides

Dr Harper has kindly allowed us to place a copy of his presentation slides on our website for you to view.

If you have a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can access and view the slides via the following link: Dr Stuart Harper's presentation slides link.

Alternatively, the slides can be viewed in the cloud online via the following link: Cloud copy of Dr Stuart Harper's presentation. No extra software is required to view the presentation in this form. For best viewing click the 'Start Slideshow' option in the display window.

Note that slide 19 'The Radio Sky' is a version of the famous 408-megahertz survey map first made by a
team working with Glyn Haslam at Jodrell Bank (see | The 100-m telescope is better than ever before). The image is displayed in almost every book on radio astronomy.
Dr Glyn Haslam (1936 - 2013) was a well liked member of SCASTRO. For more about him see Glyn Haslam Memoir / Historic Radio Astronomy Working Group.