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Public Talk

Thursday 19th Apr 2018

7:00pm for 7:30pm start

Please arrive soon after 7pm to book your place and pay entry or membership subscriptions.


Venue: South Cheshire College.

Speaker: Dr Jacco Van Loon

Astrophysicist and Director of Keele Observatory, Keele University

Talk Title: Creation and destruction in cosmic explosions

Dr Jacco Van Loon

Composite Image elements Credits:

Forground Image extracted from: Media Tweets by Keele Comms Team (@KeeleComms) on Twitter

Background image cropped from: Article in Science | AAAS

About the speaker

(Extracted from Jacco van Loon – The Conversation): Jacco says his research concentrates on "Stellar Ecology": the interplay between stars and their environment. Stars form from dense clouds of gas and dust, most of which was previously burnt inside stars and ejected by them as they died. This mass-loss process can happen in different ways, via winds or explosions. Much of his research is aimed at understanding how these mechanisms work, and how they would operate under conditions that were prevalent in the early Universe but which we can no longer observe locally.

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