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Public Talk

Thursday 22nd Feb 2018

7:00pm for 7:30pm start

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Venue: South Cheshire College.

Speaker: Dr Steven Williams

Research Associate at the Observational Astrophysics Group Lancaster University

Talk Title: Dark Energy and the Expansion of The Universe

Dark Energy and the Expansion of The Universe

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Steve has a PhD in astrophysics from Liverpool John Moores University, has had a number of papers published and works on observations of high redshift supernovae, particularly spectroscopy of them and/or their host galaxies, the candidates having being discovered by a dedicated Hubble Space Telescope survey.
In the 1990s two groups of astrophysicists set out to measure the decelerating expansion of the Universe. However, they found the surprising result that the rate of expansion was actually increasing, work for which they were later awarded the Nobel prize. This has been attributed to some form an unknown energy, known as Dark Energy. Although we do not know what Dark Energy is, it makes up the majority of the energy in the Universe today. In this talk Steve will discuss the major discoveries which have led to the present understanding of the Universe, starting with the first suggestions that there may be a Universe outside our own Galaxy, through to the discovery of the accelerating expansion, and the prospects for the major observatories coming online in the next 5-10 years.